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How to have the talk matters!

Event #1: May 21 6-7:30PM PST

Learn the critical components of speaking with your spouse in order to create collaboration - so that you can eliminate the typical explosive nature of divorce. Don't let your emotions dictate and ruin your chance for an amicable outcome.

If you have children, this is crucial and sets the stage for how you will co-parent in the years ahead.

How best to support your children

Event #2: May 28 6-7:30PM PST

As parents, we fear most the effect divorce will have on our children. They look to their parents for cues on whether they will be safe. Learn key tips & strategies for how to break the news to your children, how to deal with separate households, how to effectively co-parent, and how best to respond to your children's fears and other critical needs in order to help them remain emotionally stable during and post divorce.

Communication Strategies For When Things Get Tough

Event #3: June 4 6-7:30PM PST

Learn critical communication skills and strategies to effectively deal with your partner when things get heated. No matter how collaborative you start, there are always dicy moments that require special awareness to negotiate so as to avoid disastrous outcomes. The skills you'll learn can serve you well as you move through the divorce process and beyond.

Planning Your Next Chapter

Event #4: June 11 6-7:30PM PST

"Pain pushes until vision pulls" - Michael Beckwith

When we can begin to plan for a brighter future, we access important energy that helps ensure our best outcomes. Learn fresh, unconventional ways to manifest a life you will truly love, as well as all the considerations to address to ensure you are as financially prepared for success as much as possible in your new, Chapter 2.

Event Speakers

Sara Loos

Divorce Coach

Rachel Goldman

Divorce Coach

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